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Tenga Spinner

Try the Tenga Spinner and you will experience the twisting sensation firsthand.
Tenga Spinner consists of two main components that set it apart. The primary component is made of a flexible and stretchable transparent material, while the main feature component is a colorful screw-like pattern that wraps around it.

The operation begins when you apply lubricating gel to ensure smooth insertion. The entrance of the device has a curved shape to prevent any discomfort during insertion. As soon as you insert it, the internal air is pushed out. If you retract and reinsert it, the mouth of the device will tightly grip due to the rebounding air pressure. This is the unique feature of the Tenga Spinner, as at this point, the insertion canal does not expand but transforms into a twisting sensation, creating a remarkable air compression effect.

01 Tetra Specs: Firmness Lv3, Stimulation Lv3, Diameter Lv4.5
02 Hexa Specs: Firmness Lv4, Stimulation Lv4, Diameter Lv3.5
03 Shell Specs: Firmness Lv4.5, Stimulation Lv4, Diameter Lv3
04 Pixel Specs: Firmness Lv4.5, Stimulation Lv3, Diameter Lv5
05 Beads Specs: Firmness Lv3.5, Stimulation Lv4.5, Diameter Lv4
06 Brick Specs: Firmness Lv3, Stimulation Lv5, Diameter Lv3