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Flip Zero Gravity

Expand the boundaries of excitement even further with a fresh design concept that is densely packed with details. The focus is on reducing empty spaces inside, allowing for smoother and more satisfying flow of pleasure compared to before.

Original price was: 3,890 ฿.Current price is: 3,490 ฿.
Original price was: 3,890 ฿.Current price is: 3,490 ฿.
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Original price was: 3,990 ฿.Current price is: 3,690 ฿.

Flip Zero Gravity V.S. Flip Zero - What’s the difference?

Judging from the appearance, apart from the pattern on the Pressure Pad area, the Flip Zero Gravity model may not seem much different from the original Flip Zero. However, when you open it and examine the internal details, you will clearly see the changes.

Tenga's research and development team focused on reducing the "empty space" inside, aiming to achieve the densest possible level of detail that can be achieved with the molding technology. As a result, the Flip Gravity model can provide users with a more enjoyable and smooth stimulation from rapid movements, as it is more seamless and softer. The original Flip Zero cannot achieve this because it has large internal cavities, which create empty spaces.

flip zero gravity vs flip zero

From the image, it is evident that the details of the Gravity model are much tighter and more compact. This helps deliver a smoother, seamless, and faster sensation compared to the previous model. Of course, other standout features of the original model, such as the Integrated Pivot technology, which provides a seamless entry point, capable of delivering sensations to the utmost limit, are still present.

Therefore, it can be said that the Flip Gravity model can accommodate faster and more vigorous movements with a greater level of smoothness compared to its predecessor.

The differences between Tenga Flip Zero Gravity Black and White

  • White (Soft Edition) still retains its outstanding feature of a gentle and soft texture inside the sleeve, with a level of tightness that meets Tenga's standards.
  • Black (Strong Edition) is made from a material with a tighter texture, accompanied by increased dynamic internal details to enhance the fit and intensify the sensation.

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Introducing the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity.

Internal Texture based on real-life photos:

White Edition

  • When you enter through the opening, you'll encounter the first welcoming feature, the tight-fitting dome on both sides.
  • Along with a moving spiral that stimulates you throughout the motion.
  • As you slide in, you'll experience contact with wave-like double doors.
  • Finally, the smooth flow leads to the multi-layered sensation of the Earth's globular surface, enveloping the tip with dual-winged flaps.

Black Edition

  • When you insert, you'll encounter stimulation from the rectangular chamber and the surrounding high-walled triangular edges, pushing you to contact with all four corners.
  • Passing through the central toothed groove enhances the intense stimulation as you slide.
  • When you reach the end, you'll encounter spherical ball-shaped protrusions, stimulating the tip in a net-like pattern.
  • Along with the dynamic grip of the surrounding textured material.

Reviews of the WHITE Edition from customers in Japan:

"I'm impressed with its softness. I'm someone who enjoys fast and intense movements, and its softness is perfect for me. Especially when I press the buttons to make it snug before insertion, the sensation makes me love it even more."


"Among all the TENGA series I have used up to now, it is the closest to the real thing! I feel so good that I can't help but sing praises. In one word, it's truly excellent."


"It gives me a whole new experience when I'm enveloped in the special soft gel and the intimate atmosphere it provides is even more amazing than I imagined. I can also feel the pressure from my own hand. I love the diverse sensations it offers."


Review of the Black edition from customers in Japan.

At first, it may feel a bit tight, but after a few uses, you'll get used to it. It feels really good, and you won't be able to resist it. It provides a firm grip, and I enjoy using it every day.


"When I used it for the first time, I felt its strong intensity. I recommend it for those looking for intense stimulation rather than softness."


"I liked GRAVITY WHITE, so I wanted to try BLACK. At first, I was afraid it would be too tight, but when I tried it, I felt comfortable at an appropriate level and quite relieved. I choose between white and black depending on my mood."


Other Highlights:

  • Flip Zero Gravity is designed with a new concept, utilizing a zero-gravity balance for a deep, floating sensation that mimics weightlessness. Experience the pulling force from the vacuum chamber in the center.
  • All internal details have been redesigned to enhance density and clarity of different textures, providing a more pronounced stimulation within the clear casing.
  • The flexible material used inside the device is of medical-grade quality, specially designed by Tenga to regain its original shape after stimulation. It also provides suction when in contact with our organ.
  • The seamless insertion point ensures a perfect fit and a delightful sensation, maintaining the original standard.
  • The seamless insertion point eliminates the problem of gel leakage, similar to the original Flip Hole series.
  • Designed with a one-way valve system, allowing air to flow out from the device, intensifying the suction effect in an airtight manner.
  • It features Pressure Pads, a single extended pad covering the entire device, serving two purposes. It can be squeezed upon insertion to expel air, creating a vacuum suction effect inside the device. Alternatively, it can be squeezed while moving to compress the internal chamber for a tighter grip than before.
  • Instant insertion without waiting for an erection. Simply push the end of your organ into the device, and you will experience the welcoming sensation from the seamless insertion point and internal suction, as if someone is stimulating you with their mouth.
  • The folding design allows for easy cleaning in all corners and edges, just like other devices in the Flip series. No hygiene issues or unpleasant odors.
  • Comes with a sturdy clear case, providing a hygienic storage solution, protecting it from dust and mold.
  • It has a long-lasting lifespan, durable and cost-effective, with hundreds of uses. With proper usage, care, and maintenance (instructions can be found below), it can last for years.


What are the differences between the FLIP HOLE, FLIP ORB, FLIP ZERO, FLIP ZERO GRAVITY, and FLIP ZERO EV Series?

All of these series are part of the TENGA FLIP product family, but where the FLIP HOLE Series are made of two separate halves held together at their hinge

FLIP ZERO / GRAVITY / EV and ORB Series items are made of one elastomer sleeve, coming together at the insertion point with our unique “”Integrated Pivot”” – a hinge inside the product body. This makes the insertion point of the item seamless, drastically reducing lubricant leakage as well as improving vacuum intensity.

On top of this, the FLIP ZERO / GRAVITY / EV Series is made of our Premium material, that was previously only available in Japan, and with our improvements in molding and engineering technology, the details are the most intricate to date. With the new design, the FLIP ZERO is not only easier to hold, but the Slide Arms also allow for much easier assembly.

The FLIP ZERO / FLIP ZERO GRAVITY and FLIP ZERO EV items are part of the same FLIP ZERO Series, but all feature different internal details, and the EV (Electronic Vibration) Series have – as the name implies – vibrating cores inside the item for additional vibrating pleasure during use. The latest addition

The FLIP ZERO GRAVITY, offers intricate details at a lower elevation, allowing for much smoother and faster movement during use.

How to use

Opening the device for use:

วิธีถอดกระบอก Tenga FLip Zero รูปที่ 1วิธีถอดกระบอก Tenga FLip Zero รูปที่ 2

  • Slide the flip arm out of the device.
  • Use your thumb and index finger of both hands to gently squeeze the upper joint area and pull slightly until the lock clicks open.

Applying lubricating gel:

  • Apply lubricating gel in two spots, inside the texture of the device and around the opening.
  • The appropriate amount is 10-20 ml. Avoid using too much as it may cause the gel to leak out through the one-way valve.
  • After applying the lubricating gel inside the device, close the device by ensuring that the lock clicks into place.
  • Insert the flip arm back into the device and lock it in.

Creating a vacuum for suction:

วิธีการใช้งาน Pressure Pads

  • Press the pressure pads 3-5 times to remove air.
  • Start the activity by creating a rhythmic motion of inserting and withdrawing, and you will feel the suction from the vacuum inside the device.

How to clean

  • Pull the device's arm out and separate the device.
  • For the most effective cleaning, use lukewarm water to clean the device. Cold water can also be used, but hot water should be avoided.
  • Use mild baby soap or gentle soap to clean the device.
  • After rinsing with water, use a dry cloth to thoroughly dry the device until it is completely dry, then let it air dry.
  • It is advisable to dry it in a well-ventilated area with low humidity.
  • Once fully dry, store the device in a clear case in a location away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.


  • Only use water-based lubricating gels, such as Nuru Gel, Tenga Lotion, KY, or Durex, with the device. Silicone-based or oil-based lubricants, such as baby oil or aroma oil, cannot be used.
  • Clean by using cool or lukewarm water. Do not use hot water, as it can damage the toy.
  • Do not use soap with high acid or alkaline content to clean.
  • Avoid using alcohol, cleansers, or any cleaning agents on the toy.
  • Be cautious of any trapped water in the crevices of the toy. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before storage.
  • Avoid exposing to sharp objects that may puncture or damage the silicone material.
  • Store the toy in a well-ventilated room. Avoid storing it in hot or humid areas and keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from open flames and sources of heat.
  • While using the device, avoid strong and forceful impacts, as they may cause damage to the device's arm.
  • TENGA Co.,Ltd. does not produce any specific replacement parts for the Tenga Flip Zero.