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Tenga Puffy is designed to provide you with an incredibly pleasurable experience. When you insert it into the Marshmallow-like texture, it will take you on a journey through a supremely soft and fluffy chamber, simulating the sensation of being surrounded by marshmallow foam. This innovative creation by Tenga aims to deliver the highest level of soft and fluffy sensations for your enjoyment.

Original price was: 2,590 ฿.Current price is: 2,490 ฿.
Original price was: 2,590 ฿.Current price is: 2,490 ฿.
Original price was: 2,590 ฿.Current price is: 2,490 ฿.


Introducing Tenga Puffy

Soft and gentle marshmallow-like texture that envelops you.

Puffy is the latest series from Tenga (as of 2023) designed specifically for those who enjoy the sensation of softness.The inner texture of the Puffy series is made from a marshmallow-like material that provides a soft and plush sensation. The outer casing is coated with a smooth and soft material for a comfortable grip.Experience the pleasure of squeezing and gripping the plump and soft texture with your hand.

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The differences between the three models

Tenga Puffy

Tenga Puffy Latte Brown

  • It features screws at the starting and ending points, emphasized by a central section that rotates and twists from intersecting wave patterns in a net-like shape.
  • It aims to provide a captivating and enveloping sensation throughout the entire internal structure during insertion.
  • It allows you to experience the soft and plush feeling from the wave-like twisting screws that passionately respond to every squeeze of your hand!
Tenga Puffy

Tenga Puffy Mint Green

  • It stands out with a screw-like tightening at the starting and ending points, along with small and long bristles arranged to fill the gaps between the large bristles.
  • It focuses on creating a complex alternating sensation from the densely arranged beads.
  • You will enjoy a soft and plush sensation, accompanied by stimulation from the swaying movements of the bristles as you insert yourself.
Tenga Puffy

Tenga Puffy Sugar White

  • It uses a meticulously arranged internal structure with fine edges, focusing on creating a narrow central area.
  • This not only provides a soft and gentle sensation during insertion but also creates a constant tightness, slow and intense feeling throughout.
  • You will experience a unique combination of soft and fluffy sensation with precise and consistent stimulation.

How to clean

Frequently Asked Questions about Tenga Puffy.

What is different about each TENGA Puffy?

  • All three models are made from a soft and gentle material, providing a sensation similar to marshmallows.
  • Puffy 3 models differ in the internal patterns that greet and stimulate you during insertion.

How should I clean it?

  • After use, rinse the lubricant off the cup and closing cap with warm, gentle water or soap.
  • Remove both sides of the closing cap to clean.
  • The silicone interior cannot be pulled out, so be careful not to pull it too hard.
  • Do not soak it in water. Clean by running water through the flip hole.
  • Avoid washing with water above 40 degrees Celsius.
  • You can use soap to clean, but avoid using acidic or alkaline detergents.

How should I dry it?

  • After wiping off the water with a towel, position the DRYING tab on the cup to align with the mark inside the closing cap, and leave it to dry.