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Tenga Cup Series New Version

Tenga Cup Series, the new version with familiar functions, has been upgraded with the engineering advancements that Tenga has developed over its more than 15 years of history.

  • Original Vacuum Cup provides an incredible suction and squeezing sensation with its renowned valve structure, along with all-new internal details.
  • Squeeze Tube Cup allows you to control the stimulation with the pressure of your fingers, allowing you to adjust the tightness according to your desired sensation.
  • Rolling Head Cup handles stimulation for your pleasure in a 360-degree fashion, utilizing a flexible screw-like rotation mechanism that allows for squeezing. When you insert it, you can experience a range of sensations.
  • Double Hole Cup offers the pleasure of dual sensations from both ends of the cup. You can choose to indulge in the intense "strong side" or the gentle and tender "soft side."
  • Air Cushion Cup delivers a unique sensation as you push back, combining strong suction and delicate stimulation from the airflow structure within the screw-type rubber sleeve.